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Kajeet Sentinel-Ready™ LTE-Embedded Devices

Chromebooks & laptops with build-in LTE for anytime, anywhere learning.

2-in-1 Digital Equity Solution

For students without access to a device or Internet at home, 2-in-1 Sentinel-Ready™ LTE-embedded devices are ideal. With one portable device, school leaders and administrators can ensure that all students have the tools they need to engage with a digital curriculum off campus.

  • Built for Students. The reinforced hinges, ports, and power plug; shock-absorbent frame; water-resistant keyboard; and anti-peel keys were designed to keep the device safe with daily student use.

  • Integrated Filtering Capabilities. Customizable filters to keep students on-task and safe without access to harmful content.
  • Easy to Launch. Devices arrive fully activated, provisioned, and kitted, making them easy to roll out to students.

  • Lifetime Support. Every customer receives a dedicated account manager, training for administrators, and tier-1 support for parents, students, and educators to ensure program success

  • Real-Time Device Management. All Kajeet solutions include access to the Sentinel® portal, which allows administrators to manage devices, filters, access controls as well as get key insights into study behaviour and how the program is performing.

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